Good Friends are Like “Yaar Star”

Being humans and living normal life, we meet with so many people in our personal and professional lives. Usually it happens when we forget person’s name after just few weeks, days or even after some hours. Not only we forget their names but also our minds totally erase their identity from our memory.  On the other hand, some people leave the perfect impact on us which makes them memorable.

There are some persons stay in our life & make place in our favorite contact list because of their nature, kindness & friendly bonding.

while working as a event organizer, I always get a chance to meet new people. I remember, when we had an event in Moga city. That was the movie promotional show, which was very challenging for us because we were running out of time. we had  lots of things to do in such a short period of time.

It was our good fortune that we met with “Kulwinder Gill” who helped and assist us about the venue & other arrangements as he was the good friend of our crew member. later, I came to know that “Kulwinder Gill” is a singer and he performed that evening with the star cast of the movie. I must admit that his performance was outstanding which make me his big fan. from that day our relations started transforming from professional to personal friendship.

Now, Kulwinder Gill is a very well-known Punjabi Singer. He has taken a place in the hearts of folks with his brilliant singing skills. He has sung many meaningful & marvelous songs some of them are very famous now a days. He came into limelight with his fantastic songs like “Manja” “Mulahjedariyan” recently released a new track titled “Yaar Star” which is highly appreciated by the youth generation.

Kulwinder was born in Jatt Sikh family of Moga city, Punjab. he got a primary education from his Village School after that he completed his higher education in PCTE Campus Ludhiana, after completion his education his family wants him to help in their Farming & Contract farming Business, But he had different dreams for his career. he want to adopt singing as profession and he started efforts to achieve his dreams.

He truly amazed the viewers with his brilliant voice, dedication towards his work and down to earth behavior, he made proud his family & friends.


I wish him very good luck for the future, may God bless him & our friendship..

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